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Upgrade S25 Extra-330 2023

Thank you for your concern about this product.

S25 1.0M Extra330 has been on the shelves for more than 3 years. After we have accumulated enough information in these years, we are ready to update this product.

1. Optimization of the cowing:

1.1 Reduce and thin the cowing. The new cowing will be about 20g lighter than the old one.

1.2 Expand the mounting position of the nose hood to make the installation of the power system more flexible.

2. Update the description mode of the manual to 1:1 drawings, supplemented by pictures.

3. Increase the details of the specification, optimize the details of the drawings, and improve the degree of humanization:

3.1 Connecting rod Installation Description

3.2 Expand the leading edge of the wing for easy grinding.

3.3 Modify the filling block of rudder surface to make it easier to fill and polish

3.4 Add the description of Type C steel wire

3.5 Increase the strength of the tailwheel assembly

3.6 Add F7-1 to improve the support of the covering.

4. Upgrade of power system:

4.1 The motor is upgraded from MM2216 to MC2216 950KV. The props are upgraded to 11 inches.

4.2 Upgrade 9g plastic gear servo to 9g metal gear servo.

5. Other optimization details are as follows:

5.1 Interrupt optimization, easier to disassemble and inspect wood parts.

5.2 Layout optimization, more orderly carved wood.

5.3 Assembly details optimization, more comfortable assembly.

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