R&D Plan: VS3 Development Progress for 1/408 Zeppelin Airship-2

We are constantly optimizing the design of this airship. Due to the epidemic situation, we have a lot of time to update our research and development progress. For example, the following figure is the newest version of 6th, March.

1. Continue to optimize the size of the ribs and bulkheads, so that the entire body looks more "light" while ensuring strength.
2. The sculptural style on the middle beam were changed to triangles, and the whole design tended to be integrated

3. Tested more styles of bulkheads, compared strength and aesthetics, and chose the best
4. Designed a simple bracket.
5. Considering the finished product shipment, we use balsa polishing + bright oil coating on the parts (engine / cockpit).

Can you identify the two pictures below?

(We considered using tung oil to add some color to the real thing, but it messed up.)

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